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Kuvarbai nu Mameru: Government of Gujarat announced Kuvarbai mameru Yojana for the women’s of the state. This Yojana for all the girls who want to marry government provides financial assistance for their marriage. This is come under the ministry of women and child development of Gujarat. Under this Yojana beneficial category schedule caste, Scheduled Tribes and women’s of the state. Objective of this Yojana to provide financial support to the girl child when they want to get married. With the help of this is came government give financial support to the scheduled caste, scheduled tribes families.
Government scheme for girl marriage in Gujarat

Detail of the scheme

  • Yojana name- kuvarbai mameru Yojana Gujarat
  • Announced by –government of Gujarat
  • Beneficiaries- unmarried girls of the state
  • Benefits -to provide financial assistant those girls want to get marry
  • Beneficiary categories- SC, ST, Scheduled Tribes all backward classes
  • Support- financial support to the girl child
  • State- gujarat
  • Objectives- to give financial help to unmarried girl
  • Beneficiary amount- 10000 as a check
  • Girl age– minimum 18 years
  • year- 2021-22
  • Official page- e samaj Kalyan Gujarat

Today guys in the article we have to provide complete details regarding kuvarbai mameru Yojana that announced by the government of Gujarat. In the year of 2020 the government of Gujarat announced this scheme for all girls’ Childs of the state. This Yojana is dedicated for scheduled castes Scheduled Tribes and all backward classes’ women’s. Financial assistance given by the government at the time of their marriage.

e samaj Kalyan Gujarat government

  1. This Scheme is launched by the Gujarat government to help minorities the Gujarat state.
  2. Under the scheme of the financial assistant directly Power Point to the beneficiary account holder.
  3. With the help of the scheme government help the girl child of the state at the time of her marriage.
  4. This scheme will help all the families of Scheduled Tribes scheduled caste in the state at the time of their marriage.
  5. Under the scheme government of Gujarat provide 10000 rupees to to unmarried girl.

Mangalsutra yojana from Gujarat

Mangalsutra Yojana is for the girl child of the state. This scheme announced by the government of Gujarat. with the help of this Yojana government provide financial assistance and financial help to all girl child those are unmarried but now want to marry. Under this scheme all girl child those belongs to schedule caste are benefited through financial assistant at the time of the marriage. Under the scheme government provide 10000 rupees in the favour of girls. The beneficiary amount directly transfers to the bank account of the beneficiary girl. Only those girl child who apply for the scheme are eligible for this financial assistant none of other family members are eligible for that.

Eligibility criteria

  • Only girl Childs of the Gujarat states are benefited under kuvarbai nu mameru scheme.
  • This is team announced by the government of Gujarat only Gujarat girls are eligible this scheme.
  • Beneficiary girl’s age must 18 years when they apply for the scheme.
  • When officially girls must belongs to schedule caste, scheduled Tribes and backward classes of the state.
  • Candidate must have the Bonafide certificate of the Gujarat.
  • Only girls who are getting married and married after the launch of the schemes are eligible.
  • Girl family income not exceed annually 1,20,000 lakh and for the urban area the minimum annual income required 1,50,000.
  • This scheme is applicable for one girl from one family.

Required documents for mameru Yojana

Kuvarbai nu Mameru yojana, announced by the government of Gujarat. This Yojana is under the ministry of women and child development. Marriage of the girl is the dream of every parent. What the things that are essential in the marriage are very costly. In these days marriage many of the girls is not an easy task for four families. With the help of government provide help to the entire girl child and your parents with this financial support.

Aadhar card
Birth certificate
Passport size photographs
Age documents
ID proof
Caste certificate
Family income proof
Bank account detail
Invitation card of for the marriage of the girl

So we can say that this team is dedicated and only for the girls of the state. All SC/ST girls who are getting married can apply online for this Yojana and get benefits from the Gujarat government. To get benefits you need some documents, also fulfill the eligibility criteria that announced by the government, full process to filling registration form is available here.

Kuvarbai nu Mameru Samajh Kalyan

  1. Kuvarbai nu Mameru 2021 online apply.
  2. All interested girls those who want to apply for Kuvarbai mameru Yojana 2021, they need to visit the official department “Social justice and empowerment department”.
  3. In the home page you have to see link” register here” click on that link a new page will open in front of you.
  4. In this page you need to enter the essential detail that required such as your name, gender, birth date, Aadhar card number, email id, cast, mobile number and password.
  5. Now in below you are so need to enter the correct captcha code.
  6. In below you need to click on the register option.

The main objective of the scheme is to provide 10000 rupees for the girl child on the occasion of the marriage. But only schedule caste girls are eligible under the scheme. In case of remarriage the girl the benefit is not applicable for the girl. The age of the girl should minimum 18 years and the age of young man should be a 21 years. Candidate must apply for assistant within 2 years of marriage. Under this Yojana the assistant will be applicable from the district we are seven round of mass marriage was planned. If girl child participating in the mass marriage fulfill all the condition of saat Phera as well as Kuvarbai nu Mameru.

htpps samaj Kalyan Gujarat government in

If you have already and account then in below you have to see login here. Click on that link directly with the given page that required. Similarly if you already applied and want to check the status of the application form then you need to follow some steps readings description in below. We all know that Gujarat is one of the most developed States. Government of Gujarat announces various types of scheme for benefit to their citizens. We also say that this is the unique initiative was taken by the Gujarat government for helping poor girls and economically weaker families

kuvarbai mameru Yojana Gujarat form download

  1. All interested and eligible girl child can download the form and apply for this scheme. Very easily you have to download the application form the official page of e-samaj Kalyan Gujarat.
Kuvarbai nu Mameru Yojana
Kuvarbai nu Mameru Yojana
  1. You have to download the application form in the PDF form.
  2. After clicking on the PDF option you have to download this very easily.
  3. After downloading you need to fill the application form very carefully this contain your name, date of birth email id age proof and your passport size photographs are so necessary.
  4. In the application form you also need to attach all the essential documents.
  5. At last you need to click on the submit option.

If you want to apply for offline mode then you can also collect the farm from the office of women and child development. You have to collect the application form and fill carefully. Attach the sasti document then finally submit this form in the concerned department.

Application status of Kunwar bai nu mameru Yojana

  1. For application status you need to visit official page of samaj Kalyan.
  2. In the home page translate you have to see the link” citizens login” You just need to click on that link.
  3. Here in below you need to enter some essential detail that is user id, password and then captcha code.
  4. To click on the option login
  5. After that in the computer screen you have to see the full details regarding registration status.


Q: What is Kuvar bai mameru scheme?

Ans: Kuvar bai mameru scheme announced by the government of Gujarat and with the help of the scheme government help the family and girls at the time of her marriage.

Q: Who is eligible under kuvarbai mameru Yojana?

Ans: All girl children they want to get marry are eligible under this scheme. Under this scheme SC/ST girls are eligible for the scheme.

Q: What is the benefit of the scheme?

Ans: Under the scheme government of Gujarat provide 10000 rupees as a financial assistant for the girl marriage.

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